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Pre-Enrollment Planning
Several weeks before our target enrollment dates, we get together and create our success game plan. Every case is different, but all cases will include some version of the steps listed below which have been proven to increase education and maximize engagement. This step is all about creating a strategy to accommodate your specific needs.
Technology and communication
We use all the latest tech to help your enrollments run smoother. Each employee will receive ringless voicemail messages, personalized videos, text messages and emails communicating the dates and times of the enrollment, as well as their customized benefits booklet and other relevant information. Communication is tailored with your input, so our scripts say what's important to you.
Education and Enrollment
Whether it be face-to-face, telephonic or virtual, every employee will receive the personalized education they deserve. Benefits counselors and A.I. tools are available in 15 languages and all 50 states. Everything is recorded for your records and you receive status updates in real time, so you always have control of the situation.
Post-Enrollment follow up
We ensure no stone is left unturned and all our promises have been met. Reports, elections and employee information is all stored and handed over in the format of your choosing. We can even communicate directly with your payroll company and insurance carriers to streamline processes for you.
Year Round Service
We don't just disappear after enrollment is over. We provide leave-behind benefits administration systems to make managing your benefits a breeze. Our service team is available year round to help with onboarding and compliance as well as ACA reporting and COBRA administration. We're here for you in the long-term.

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